Main issues in teaching

Communication History  Comparative Research  Media Policy Media Sociology  Media Systems and Media Structures  Methods (with a Special Focus on Content Analysis; Quantitative and Qualitative) Online Communication and Digitalization Political Communication


of 35 bachelor and master theses


Media Policy
(JGU Mainz, taught in German)
– Winter Term 2015/16 (with O. Quiring)
– Winter Term 2016/17 (with B. Stark)

Master Seminars and Courses

Media and Communication Theory
(NTNU, Trondheim, taught in English)
– Autumn Term 2018 (with L. Reutter)

Social Media (NTNU, Trondheim, taught in English)
– Autum Term 2018

Experts in Teamwork (NTNU, Trondheim, taught in English)
– Spring Term 2018: „Mediatization of Society“ (with S. Geiß)

Media and Internationalization (JGU Mainz, taught in German)
Summer Term 2016: „Public Communication in Times of Digitalization and Globalization“
– Winter Term 2011/12

Current Research Questions in Communication Studies (JGU Mainz, taught in German)
– Winter Term 2012/13-Summer Term 2013 (2 Semesters): „Good Search Engines, Bad Search Engines? The Quality of Google & Co. on the Trial“  (with B. Stark)

Thematic Master Seminar (JGU Mainz, taught in German)
– Summer Term 2011:
„Comparing Campaign Communication“

Bachelor Seminars and Courses

Selected Questions on Media Structures, Media History and Media Law
(JGU Mainz, taught in German)
– Summer Term 2016: „Communication Under Control – the Significance of Communication Freedom for Democracy“
– Summer Term 2015: „‚There Shall Be No Censorship‘ – History, Present and Future of Communication Freedom
– Summer Term 2014: „Downwards On and On? Political Communication in a Long-term Perspective“
– Summer Term 2012: „The History of Entertainment Television in Germany“

Political Communication (JGU Mainz, taught in German)
– Winter Term 2016/17: „Media Performance and Democracy“
– Winter Term 2014/15: „Revolution on the Net – how the Internet Changes Political Communication“
– Winter Term 2012/13: „Carnival speeches as political communication: a Qualitative Content Analysis“ (with N. Jackob)
– Winter Term 2011/12: „Political Language in Media Coverage: a Qualitative Content Analysis“ (with P. Weichselbaum)

New Media/Online Communication (JGU Mainz, taught in German)
– Summer Term 2015: „Between Light and Shadow – Chances and Challenges of Digitalization“
– Summer Term 2014: „Media Policy in Times of Digitalization: Tilting at Windmills?“
– Summer Term 2013: „The Quality of Understanding in Political Discourses on Facebook: a Quantitative Content Analysis“

Medienpolitik (JGU Mainz, taught in German)
– Summer Term 2012: „The Internet as a New Challenge for Media Policy“

Journalism Studies (JGU Mainz, taught in German)
– Summer Term 2011