Comparative Research – Media Performance – Media Policy – Media Sociology – Media Structures – Media Systems – Online Communication (Special Focus: Information Intermediaries) – Political Communication

Research Groups

At NTNU, I am member of the Research Group on Elections, Values and Political Communication (EVPOC), the Research Group on Digitalization and Social Life, and the interdisciplinary network Big Data Set.


Campaigning for Strasbourg (CamforS)

Media Performance and Democracy

Values and Norms as Research Objects and Guiding Principles in Communication Research

Trondheim Analytica

Cosmopolitanism and Communitarianism Online: The New Globalization Cleavage in Social Media


Foreign Information Influence and the Norwegian Municipal Council and County Council Elections 2019

The Influence of Information Intermediaries on Political Opinion Formation

Good Search Engines, Bad Search Engines? A Comparative Content Analysis on the Diversity and Relevance of Search Results

The Googleization of Information Search

Political Participation on Facebook? An Analysis of Political Discourses on the Facebook Pages of German and Austrian Political Parties

Young Scholars in Communication Science – a Cross-National Survey in the German-speaking Countries

The Linguistic Construction of Strangeness and Familiarity in Migration Coverage

Framing Social Media in Online and Offline Media Coverage

Continuity and Change in Campaign Communication in Austria since 1966 (CampCom)

Gender Constructions in Daily Newspapers in Austria, Germany and Switzerland

Quality Newspapers in Germany and Austria – a Cross-National Comparison