Values and Norms as Research Objects and Guiding Principles in Communication Research

The interdisciplinary network pursues the goal to document, to synthesize, and to systematize values and norms as research objects and guiding principles in communication research. Therefore, a systematic review of national and international publications from 1970 to 2014 is conducted. The network identifies different theoretical concepts and guiding principles; by analyzing the used methods and instruments, it provides a significant contribution to the methodological standardization of the discipline. This approach not only allows us to open up a critical self-reflection of norms and values in communication research, but also to reveal changes over a period of 44 years.

The network connects 12 female young scholars who are experts in different research fields of communication research and own methodological expertise. Two senior scholars support the network. The networks aims to close a gap in research on values and norms in communication research and to build a sound basis for prospective interdisciplinary research projects.

Project Leaders

Claudia Riesmeyer (LMU Munich, Germany)
Arne Freya Zillich (U of Jena, Germany)

Network Members

Stephanie Geise (WWU Münster, Germany)
Katharina Kleinen-von Königslöw (U of Hamburg, Germany)
Ulrike Klinger (FU Berlin, Germany)
Melanie Magin (NTNU, Trondheim, Norway)
Kathrin Friederike Müller (WWU Münster, Germany)
Cordula Nitsch (HHU Dusseldorf, Germany)
Liane Rothenberger (TU Ilmenau, Germany)
Christina Schumann (TU Ilmenau, Germany)
Annika Sehl (U of Oxford, Great Britain)
Cornelia Wallner (LMU Munich, Germany)


Heinz Bonfadelli (U of Zurich, Switzerland)
Barbara Thomaß (U of Bochum, Germany)


German Research Foundation (DFG; Project number ZI 1543/1-1)

Project Duration