Young Scholars in Communication Science – a Cross-National Survey in the German-speaking Countries

The scientific landscape is subject to constant change but the recruitment problem within the field of communication science and media studies in the German-speaking countries persists. To explore this problem the present study investigates the working conditions of the non-permanent faculty (PhD students and post docs). A special focus is set on job satisfaction because it presumably increases the likelihood for continuance in academia. An online survey among 504 PhD students and postdocs shows that they are, overall, satisfied with their jobs. However, occupational uncertainty is perceived as a major problem. OLS regressions reveal that the strongest predictors of job satisfaction are mentoring satisfaction and terms of contract. The relation between job satisfaction and publication output proves to be more complex than anticipated. Based on the results a set of recommendations is put forward.


Sven Engesser (U of Zurich, Switzerland)
Melanie Magin (JGU Mainz, Germany)

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